Cancellation charges on car bookings: Justified or not

BHPian ksakotai recently shared this with other enthusiasts.Recently I booked TATA TIAGO XT CNG at Tejaswi Automobiles, Madhapur, Hyderabad by paying 11k. I specifically asked the sales person if the amount is refundable. He said yes, “Down to last Rupee”. I wanted a test drive, but there was no car available. And the delivery was estimated to be in 6 to 8 weeks.I am tending to cancel my booking and to ask for the refund. However, a chance glance at the pricing sheet small print tells me the following:”A cancellation charge of Rs 1000 will be applicable for any Booking Cancellation”I know I should have taken the Full Refund undertaking in writing, but one cant always think one would be taken for a ride and dot all i’s and cross all t’s.

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